I earned a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I’m a former school teacher and strength & conditioning coach for over twenty years combined. 

Now, I'm a licensed psychotherapist – helping people find their way. On this platform, I serve as a life coach to help you create a life you love based on your unique values and signature strengths.

Together, we can work towards designing a life of confidence, clarity and personal fulfillment. My hope is to inspire your heart, shift your outlook on life and provide the tools to produce the results you need. My objective is to help you unlock your potential and to organize your life around peace, purpose and productivity.

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As an educator, trainer and coach, I utilize behavioral science and practical life principles to help you achieve your highest potential. 

I use a strengths-based approach in conjunction with positive psychology to help you to reframe your outlook on life. We will then develop a customized strategy using evidence-based techniques to address your mindset, emotions and behaviors.

The ultimate goal is to clarify and boost your daily efforts to attain your desired outcome by amplifying your signature strengths and what is most meaningful to you . Keep in mind, for coaching to be successful – the client has to be teachable and ready for change. I provide the guidance and strategies, but it’s up to you to do the work. In everything I do, my hope is to educate the mind and inspire the heart to help you achieve a more joyful and meaningful life.

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I believe you have what it takes.

To my core, I'm a teacher that loves to help illuminate the minds of individuals to live their best lives. It's my heart's desire to see every human being live out their full potential.

For years, I struggled with who I thought I was suppose to be and what my purpose was in life. I searched for personal fulfillment like hidden treasure to no avail. My quest left me unmotivated and emotionally exhausted, as I drifted in limbo through life for years. I wasted an enormous amount of money, time and too many opportunities to count. 

After clarifying my signature strengths and making a distinction between my values and the expectation of others, I was able to begin living a life I loved.  It has become my life's mission to help others live and maximize the life they truly desire – and to significantly shorten that process in becoming their best selves. At last, I get to live my dream life doing what I love, while impacting lives along the way.

Why i decided to become a coach

  • I worked in the fitness industry over 10 years as a strength & conditioning coach, amateur bodybuilder, powerlifter and swim instructor. 
  • Eating avocados and chocolate chip cookies make my world go 'round. 
  • I love watching cat and goat videos. It's soothing to my soul :-)

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