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Our sessions will be dedicated to assessing your needs and creating a personalized plan to fit your unique needs and goals.
Everyone has pain points when it comes to achieving goals and personal growth.

I’ll work closely with you to help identify and overcome barriers. 
Since achieving life goals requires more than planning, I’ll be guiding you toward other helpful practices such as mindset shifting, reorganizing your life, and more.

take your life to the next level? 

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I'm here to help you explore new perspectives based on your motivational style and your signature strengths. It can open new opportunities in your relationships, your work-life and more. Coaching can be the solution to empowering you to live the life you've always desired. Ultimately, helping you to become your best self and to live a more fulfilling life.

I help women discover their potential to design a life they love .

It's time to make a change...

Shift your mind-set towards abundance and greater possibilities to pursue what your heart truly desires.

Align your life with your values and your life's purpose to carve out a path that is all your own. 

Eliminate the need to conform according to the expectations of others and live based on what matters most to you for personal fulfillment and greater impact.

Begin moving forward with momentum by getting unstuck and put a halt to drifting in limbo.

Improve the quality of engagement in your relationships, your work and other important areas of your life.

Organize your life around peace, purpose and productivity to alleviate stress. Find calm in the midst of chaos while focusing on your priorities.

... live life on your own terms ...

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$120 / 60 min session

a strategy-focused deep dive

One-on-One Intensive

The ideal choice if you want a personalized plan that is tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

  • All sessions are virtual and a safe space to share
  • Personalized plan to help you reach your goals
  • Email support for up to 2 weeks after our session.

Meet for 3 individual sessions. Great for consistent accountability and to amplify your efforts towards your goal. 

  • All sessions are virtual and a safe space to share
  • Personalized plan to help you reach your goals
  • Additional support via email while working together

$320 / 60 min per session 

3 sessions of one-on-one coaching

Amplify x 3 

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Frequently Asked Questions

One-on-one coaching sessions are 60 minutes each. When group coaching is provided, calls may last up to 90 minutes - time will be specified before hand.

how long are your coaching calls?

My coaching approach is strengths-based with the incorporation of positive psychology. I believe in honoring a client's uniqueness to deploy their highest strengths leading to well-being and to create a life they love.


I do not offer refunds on coaching & consulting services once payment has been made. That includes no refunds BEFORE and AFTER services have been rendered. Before payment for coaching services, ensure it is an investment you want to make. For more details, visit our Refund Policy at footer of page.


Coaching takes a non-clinical approach in providing short-term  and future-focused guidance to achieve specific life goals. Coaching does not address mental and emotional health conditions. Therapy is clinically-based and works from a treatment plan to address mental and emotional health concerns.

difference between coaching & Therapy?

As a Life Coach, I do not provide mental health therapy to my coaching clients. If you need clinical support, I can refer you to the appropriate sources to meet your individual needs.


Target areas of need. Shift mindset by clarifying thoughts, emotions and behaviors.


Develop personalized plan to achieve targeted goals. Jumpstart plan of action with strategies and guidance.


Provide guidance to support and encourage execution of plan. Optimize momentum.


My goal is to provide a place that you can turn to when in need of guidance, mentorship and encouragement. If you’re ready to transform your life, let’s do this! 

customized support for your needs

More than a coaching program...

Take the free mini-course

If you prefer a digital course as a starting point, this is a great place to start. The mini-course "How To Live a Fulfilled Life" provides a
60-minute jumpstart to creating a new vision for your life.

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